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It is extremely difficult to know exactly what happens in private between partners or families, however if you are concerned that a friend or relative is experiencing domestic abuse there are some warning signs to look out for.


People who are being abused may:

• Seem anxious to please their partner

• Check in often with their partner to let them know where they are and what they are doing

• Receive frequent phone calls from their partner asking where they are

• Have frequent injuries and blaming them on ‘accidents’

• Rarely go anywhere without their partner

• Be restricted seeing friends and family

• Missing work, college or social events with no explanation

• Become withdrawn or have low self-esteem

• Change the style of how they dress and what they wear


If someone you know discloses to you that they are being abused these are some ways that you can help out:

• Listen to them, try to understand and try to get them to open up, but be aware this may not happen straightaway

• Reassure them that the abuse is not their fault

• Don’t blame them or judge them

• Believe what they are telling you

• Let them know that they are not alone

• Encourage them to seek the help of a specialist domestic abuse service when they are ready to do so

• Don’t tell them to leave the relationship - they may not be ready to do this.  They need to make this decision in their own time

• Help them to report the abuse to the police or access medical help, if they want to do this

• Be patient, it can take time for someone who has been abused to recognise the abuse

• Talk to them about how they can keep their children safe

• Stay in contact with them, someone suffering from domestic abuse can be extremely isolated

• Look after yourself and don’t attempt to confront the abuser as this will put them and you at risk of further abuse


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