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Domestic Abuse

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Domestic violence isn't just about physical violence.

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Domestic abuse isn’t just about physical violence.  There are many ways people can abuse someone, including physical, emotional, financial, sexual, and psychological. It can include bullying, stalking, harassing threats, isolation or humiliation as well as forced marriage or so-called ‘honour based violence’.


Any abusive, controlling or violent behaviour by a partner, ex-partner or family member is domestic abuse.  Domestic abuse comes from the abusers need for power and control over their partner, ex-partner or family member. Abusers can be male or female; partners; ex-partners; siblings; children; grandchildren; parents; grandparents or other extended family members.


All children and young people living with domestic violence and abuse are also at risk of emotional harm and may be directly abused as well.


If you, or someone you know, is suffering from domestic abuse, please click here for more information on noticing the signs of domestic abuse and how to access help.

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